Bespoke Designs


Bespoke Designs


Here at Invitations By Hand, we love bespoke designs!  Whilst it does cost a little more, please don’t let that put you off.  It is normally around a hundred pounds for a completely bespoke design, which includes the consultation, and four revisions.

This means that you have a completely unique set of wedding stationery, made entirely to fit with your day, and if you love stationery as much I do, you’ll know how important that is!

Each design is painted on cold-pressed, heavy-duty watercolour paper, with either Windsor and Newton or Kurytake watercolour paints, in our studios here in sunny South Devon, overlooking the garden, and surrounded by inspirational paintings.

I find the very art of painting to be magical – something to get lost in.  The end results are always slightly different to the way you imagine they will be, if you ask any watercolour artist  they will tell you that the way paint dries or blends is never the same twice, making for some interesting surprises!

As the artist of the team, I prefer to paint florals, as I love the ever-changing quality of nature; how flowers open, bloom, bend and eventually fade away, and that is what I try to capture.  However, I have also painted peacocks, cats, and on occasion portraits, so if there is something you’d like, please do get in touch [email protected], and let’s have a chat.


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