This business was started when I was looking for wedding stationery for my own big day, and wanted something individual, quirky and romantic that would be treasured by my guests.

Being an artist, and an avid gardener, I put my talents to use, and started creating stationery inspired by my garden that I fell in love with...

Now I offer the same service to my brides-to-be. Please have a look through our home pages and let me know if anything appeals to you for your wedding day!

I am happy to discuss commissions large and small, any requests for themes or packages. Prices are listed under each photo, but discounts are routinely offered for orders over £50.00.  Postage and packaging is free within the UK.  For orders outside of the UK postal service, please contact me [email protected]

The photographs on the website can often just be a starting point.  If you like a particular design, but would like a different colour, or style of card, then please contact me to discuss, as this is a simple thing for me to change.

I want your guests to treasure having something unique, that they will be happy to pin it to their fridge door, or prop it on the mantle-piece until your big day!

There are different levels of service, simply because not every bride has the same budget or time to spend. If you would like a bespoke painting, which is then printed onto gorgeous card stock, or watercolour paper, I can do that for you, or if you would like printed cards from a range that you already see on in the gallery, then we can do that for you too, it’s your call!

Please feel free to email me to discuss any of this, as I know how overwhelming the decisions can be (once you've made THE Big say yes to your betrothed, not what colour envelopes you are having!)


Best wishes


[email protected]